War in Ukraine. Security guarantees. A special team will be formed

– Ours Its purpose is to avoid repeating old mistakes And prepares the future for a sovereign, independent Ukraine, he said in a speech to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

As the politician insisted, The international agreement on security guarantees must take into account a number of conditions. – The agreement between Ukraine and the guaranteed countries must be legally binding and recognized by the law of the guaranteeing countries. Ukraine needs to increase its military capability to successfully fight the occupation – he listed.

– The Government of Ukraine will provide the Ukrainian Armed Forces with modern conventional weapons and military equipment without any restrictions or politically motivated restrictions. They may promise to share intelligence with Kiev Jermack pointed out.

Live coverage of events in Ukraine

According to him, Ukraine will need financial assistance to rebuild the country and improve the defense sector Sanctions against Russia must remain in place until the withdrawal of invading forces from Ukraine. – Provide agreement to introduce barriers in the event of a real threat of aggression. Ukraine should be included in the multifaceted forms of enhancing its integration with the international community – first in the European Union – the politician noted.

I hope that the friends of Ukraine will participate in the work of the group They will give their knowledge and experience in this forum – said Jermaine.

Earlier, on May 21, President Volodymyr Zelensky announced it Ukraine, along with foreign partners, has already developed a draft agreement on security guarantees. The draft document did not provide Russia’s participation in the guaranteed countries.

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