War in Ukraine. In the last 24 hours, the army has dispersed the invaders in unprecedented numbers. Confusion is growing in Russia World news

“It was great dayThe occupiers suffered huge losses in the directions of Donetsk and Liman “- emphasizes the command of the Ukrainian army in the Sunday report. In addition to high losses among soldiers, the Russians lost 13 tanks and 16 artillery systems. In the last 24 hours.

“The enemy is trying to temporarily hold the occupied territories, focusing on efforts to suppress the actions of the Ukrainians and not stopping offensive operations on Pakmut,” the general command added. In the last day, the Russians fired 5 rockets and carried out 23 airstrikes in 45 residential districts, mainly in Donetsk, Zaporizhia and Kherson regions.

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General Bienek: Russia has a population potential that can accommodate 300,000 people. People

War in Ukraine. Confusion on the Russian side – a new command and unprepared soldiers

Internal repression in Russia and the invasion of Ukraine are adding to the confusion. According to independent Russian media, because of the defeats on the Ukrainian front, the Kremlin is increasingly changing commanders and sending unprepared soldiers into battle. On the other hand, Western sanctions are disrupting the Russian economy.

Since the start of the war, some Russians have taken to the streets against the Kremlin’s policy of aggression. In the first months of the invasion, these people were detained and fined, then arrested and imprisoned. However, the harsh punishments did not stop some from expressing opposition. Over 50 method Protesters of aggression against Ukraine set fire to the buildings of military bases, and after the announcement of partial demobilization, about a million people fled Russia, mainly men of military service ability.

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According to independent observers, sabotage attacks on Russian military platforms, including areas bordering Ukraine and annexed Crimea, have also contributed to the growing chaos within Russia. As a result of such operations, the Russian army is losing troops, weapons and equipment depots and logistics points every day.

War in Ukraine. Operations on the Southern Front

Yesterday, 57 Russian soldiers were killed in southern Ukraine. This was reported by the operational command of the Ukrainian army “South”.

According to his announcement, the Ukrainian Air Force carried out 10 airstrikes on Russian positions and places where equipment was concentrated. Missile and artillery sub-units performed more than 190 fire missions, during which howitzers and self-propelled howitzers, “Tunguska” and “Bansir S-1” anti-aircraft defense systems, one tank and seven cars were destroyed. The Russian Air Force launched six strikes against Ukrainian positions.

Operational command “Bolutny” also reported that the Russians forcibly evicted residents of streets located near the Dnieper in Nova Kachovka. It was similar elsewhere.

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