War in Ukraine. Secret plan of the Kremlin. Threatened Ukrainian city

The Russians plan to continue their spring offensive operations The Great Summer Attack – Predict Institute for War Studies (ISW) analysts. Also, the Kremlin has set an important task for the military.

about that Put in the lap and then control One of the largest Ukrainian cities. We are talking about Kharkov. In terms of population, it is second only to Kiev.

War in Ukraine. Russia wants to take over Khargou

As ISW's experts point out, this requires the creation of our own armed forces. The purpose of encircling Khargou was to be sent to the southern border of Russia Newly mobilized soldiers and security forces.

On paper the plot seems very complicated. Sources in the Russian presidential administration say they are thinking realistically about encircling Khargou. Moscow needs 300,000. Additional staff.

Russia wants to take the city without unnecessary destruction. ISW said that the target Avoiding the fate of Mariupol. Fierce fighting for the city in Donetsk region has led to an infrastructural disaster. Mariupol became a city of ruins.

Ukraine and the Kremlin Project. Kharkiv is an important point

Kharkov is the largest city in eastern Ukraine With a population of over 1.4 million. Because of the wars, the city and part of Kharkiv province are under threat from Russian rocket attacks.

We reported on one of them on Friday. Russia launched a massive attack on energy facilities in Ukraine. More than 15 rockets hit the cargo, Depriving the city of electricity.

Source: “Wierstka”, ISW

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