Overwatch 2's PvE content has been canceled due to developers being denied rewards for the first time, report claims

Overwatch 2's blockaded PvE content has been cancelled.

That depends Bloombergwhich reported yesterday that after “weak” sales of previous PvE missions, the company “does not plan to end” any PvE content currently in development, and will instead “double down” on PvP gameplay.

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Newscast: Why are there so many layoffs in the gaming industry?

The report also noted that the “decade-long battle” between Blizzard and parent company Activision has divided management over bonuses. Blizzard has always shared rewards company-wide to avoid “everyone”. [wanting] “For working on the most successful games rather than trying new ideas,” but former Activision president Bobby Kotich has long argued that only those “behind the most profitable products should be rewarded.”

Furthermore, Overwatch 2's developers were told in August 2023 that due to the sequel's mediocre performance, they “weren't supposed to receive anything” but at the time, the company allegedly agreed to cover “some bonuses” to make up for the bonuses. inability.

However, earlier this week, Overwatch 2 employees were told they would receive nothing, even though previously, Blizzard employees would receive a bonus based on the company's overall performance, not just the individual games people worked on. But this seems to have changed now.

“The failure to receive any profit-sharing bonus is rare at Blizzard and is the result of a major policy change enacted in 2023,” Bloomberg said. “Previously, employees received bonuses based on the company's overall performance. But last summer, payments became tied to the performance of each specific franchise. As their titles were more successful in 2023, teams involved in games like Diablo and World of Warcraft received bonuses.” This month, but Overwatch developers weren't so lucky.”

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Last month, Activision Blizzard said it was making “major changes” to Overwatch 2 as part of a “revitalization” of the free-to-play shooter that it hopes will “make PvP more rewarding and fun,” as well as “provide greater enjoyment.” Transparency to players within the game.”

In a candid blog post, the team insisted it had “heard”. [the] Feedback from players on competitive play over the past eight seasons, and has plans to deliver “major updates” to enable you to better build on your skills and “see how you progress through the competitive ranks.”

Last week, Blizzard also said it was overhauling the way it introduces new heroes in Overwatch 2 starting in Season 10, by making them free and immediately available to all players rather than locking them behind the game's premium battle pass or progression, as was the case. The condition previously.

600 quality assurance (QA) workers at Activision Blizzard recently voted to unionize.

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