War in Ukraine. Russian launches are growing. Another “red line” has been crossed

Since the beginning of the war, Russia has lost almost 460,000. Soldiers – According to the latest summary provided by the Ukrainian General Staff. In the last 24 hours, almost a thousand Russian fighters have been killed in Ukraine. We managed to destroy dozens of tanks, combat vehicles and drones.

Total Russia's losses A new psychological threshold has been crossed – Ukrainian Union Agency reported.

According to information from the General Staff of Ukraine, many have died since the start of the war 459,530 Russian soldiers. One life has been lost in the last 24 hours alone 950 invaders.

War in Ukraine. The Russians are losing soldiers and equipment

The Ukrainian army boasts that its soldiers managed to “destroy” dozens of Russian equipment.

“The enemy lost 68 cars and trucks, 38 operational-tactical drones, 23 armored fighting vehicles, 16 tanks and 8 special equipment,” the headquarters said.

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The Ukrainians destroyed 41 Russian artillery systems, four air defense systems and six cruise missiles.

Fierce fighting in many parts of Ukraine

Information from the Ukrainian headquarters shows that the Russians are trying to advance in several directions. Specifically It is “hot” in Avdivka and Bagmut region.

“Our players are standing up Tough resistance. “Russia is suffering heavy losses,” the army said.

Meanwhile, the US Institute for the Study of War (ISW) reports that the Russians have achieved “small tactical success” on the front. The Union, in turn, blames the lack of artillery on the Ukrainian side.

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