Russia: Attacks on Belgorod continue. More eruptions and bruises

About More explosions over Belgorod, Russia We can read on Ukrainian websites and social media where videos and photos are published. You can see destruction, lights in the sky, columns of smoke rising above buildings Debris from shot down missiles And an explosion is heard.

Ukrainian Pravda writes that the governor of the region, Vyacheslav Kladkov, announced the launch of anti-aircraft defense. Also announced Missile alert – At least nine explosions were heard. In the next message, Kladkov was to report that nine targets had been shot down, but that was it Damage has been reported – In the city and surrounding areas. Russian channel Shot, which publishes on the popular social network, said the evening attack was the fourth on Tuesday.

War in Ukraine. Russia: More bombings in Belgorod

Reuters reported one injured person just before noon, saying emergency services were working and assessing the damage. Just before 2pm, AFP reported one death and five wounded as a result of earlier attacks. Finally – this time – it is known about One person was killed and 11 injured.

The attacks on the Russian city near the Ukrainian border have been ongoing since Saturday. According to the Russians, the largest shelling was reported on this day 18 people were killed and 111 injured. Kremlin officials accused Ukraine of attacking it, but Kiev has not officially responded to the allegations.

Belgorod: The Russian city is under fire for another day

However, there is no shortage of unofficial information. The RBC-Ukraine website said in its sources that Ukraine attacked Belgorod In response to the Russian bombing Friday – The invader attacked several cities across Ukraine, injuring and killing many. In turn, the Ukrainska Pravda portal cited an informant in the Ukrainian special forces who admitted that Ukraine had carried out the shelling, but Only military targets near Belgorod. The source indicated that the destruction in the city was the result of unprofessional operations by the Russian Air Defense.

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On Tuesday, the Russians also launched airstrikes against Ukraine. Explosions were heard and others, in Kiev, anti-aircraft systems were activated as “several missiles headed towards the capital”. President Volodymyr Zelensky announced that four people were killed and 92 injured in Russian missile and drone strikes on Ukraine's capital and city of Kharkov.

Sources: Reuters, AFP, Ukrainian Pravda, Interia

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