Longest anaconda shot? Heartbreaking words from a naturalist

We have already written about research on the green anaconda on our website. Trips to the Amazon allowed us to determine that this snake is actually divided into two species: Eunectus murinus And Eunectes Achaima.

Green Anaconda means two types of giant snake

Green anacondas differ from each other even in their range of occurrence. The first species is called southern and lives in the regions of Brazil, Peru, Bolivia, but also French Guiana. In turn, the second, north, lives in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Trinidad, Suriname and Guyana.

Even among snakes A base genetic difference is approximately 5%.. At first glance the number seems small, but if we consider that the genetic difference between humans and apes is only 2% we see it differently.

He played a role in the discovery, among others: the famous Dutch biologist Freak Wonk. It was this researcher who recently reported that An anaconda observed during a trip to the Amazon has died. The snake, which was recently recorded by a scientist swimming underwater, was found dead over the weekend.

“I have heard from several sources that he was shot, although there is no official confirmation of the cause of death.” – Freak Wonk said on social media. “I am so sad and angry at the same time! What a tragic loss. How sick you must be to do this to such a beautiful and unique animal” – wrote the researcher.

It was the longest anaconda in the world

Tragedy was able to accurately measure the snake. It turned out that the anaconda was almost seven meters long. It means that there was an anaconda called Ana Julia It is the longest snake of its kind in the world.

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The largest anaconda ever measured in the wild was 5.21 meters long and weighed 97.1 kg. Among animals in captivity, it was punctured by a 6.27 meter snake from Pittsburgh, USA. If Ana Julia is really nearly seven meters tall, as Wonk says, that is It was the longest anaconda in the world.

“From what we know She was very healthy and still in the prime of her life“He can take care of many generations in the coming years,” says the Dutch biologist, who, as he puts it, is a huge loss for the region's biodiversity.

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