War in Ukraine. Russia shells Belarusian city

“At 2:00 pm today, Russian planes departed from Dubrovskaya airport (Belarus), entered the Ukrainian border, returned to our villages of Horodici and Tumani, and then received information from the border guard. The city of Kabani was attacked by fire (Belarus) “, the Ukrainian Air Force said in a statement.

According to the Ukrainian side, Kabani is occupied by enemies. “This is a provocation! The aim is to draw the armed forces of the Republic of Belarus into the war with Ukraine!” – Insisted Ukrainian flight.

Minister of Defense of Ukraine Alexei Resnikov The Russian Air Force was warned on Friday that it was preparing to attack a few cities in Belarus near the Ukrainian border. He warned the Belarusians about the series “Bloody provocations”. Resnikov cited Kabani as one of the possible targets.

“To cover up the crimes, Russia plans to launch air strikes on Ukraine,” Resnikov insisted. He emphasized that the purpose of the provocation was to force Belarus into the war against Ukraine. He appealed to the Belarusians not to drag themselves into war.

He assured that the Ukrainian army did not plan It does not plan and does not plan any aggression against Belarus.

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