Bridge collapses in Baltimore The Volkswagen emerged unscathed

The shipping route to the US port of Baltimore is closed until further notice Collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge. The bridge collapsed on Tuesday night after a large cargo ship plowed into its structure.

Officials say it will take weeks, even months, to restore traffic at the port. But it will take about five years to rebuild the bridge.

Auto giants are working on contingency plans for their inventories, which could delay deliveries of new cars and auto parts, driving up costs.

The Port of Baltimore handles the most trucks in the country. “It's the number one automotive port in the entire United States, so there will be some disruption.” John Bocella, CEO of the Alliance for Automotive Innovation, a group representing many automakers, told NPR. The impact of these disruptions on new vehicle prices is a “key question,” he added.

Adam Ziemienowicz / PAP / Photos

Automotive industry experts estimate that around 750,000-850,000 ships call the port every year. New vehicles. Some parts used in vehicle assembly also pass through this port. Mazda had the largest imports by dollar value through Baltimore this month, according to data compiled by Bloomberg this month.

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