War in Ukraine. Mariupol: The Russians forcibly deported 150 children

According to Peter Andryushchenko, adviser to Mariupol Meyer, Most of the children were taken from the hospital without their parents. Another 16 children were abducted from a nearby town, a popular pre-war holiday resort.

Some abducted children have lost their parents as a result of war crimes committed by the RussiansBut they had bodyguards or were in the care of the state, Andriushchenko said.

According to him, abducted children can be taken to Donets.

The Russians announced Monday They will completely close all access roads to Mariupol and block any movement around the city To select all the men who are still in it.

Mariupol has been experiencing the greatest humanitarian catastrophe since the beginning of the Russian occupation. Invaders prevent shelling and humanitarian aid on civilians.

According to the mayor Like Mariupol Killed in the city Since the beginning of the invasion, about 20 thousand civilians.

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