War in Ukraine. Kadyrovic was proud of his achievements. He died while reporting on Tiktok

The commander of the “Kadyrovtsy” faction fighting in Ukraine on the Russian side died during a live broadcast on Diktok. The Chechen militant was proud of the successes of his detachment. At one point, a bullet struck where he was standing.

Ukrainian journalist Viktor Kovalenko reported on the death of Kadyrovetsk. An excerpt from the video report is attached to the post.

The recording shows a Chechen fighter recording a live broadcast of the front, in which he spoke proudly of the achievements of his division. – The task to do five with a plus – says the man.

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A few minutes later, he was hit by a bullet from where he was standing, and the report was disconnected. Warning! The record is tough.

Kadyrovtsy in Ukraine. “Tiktok Army”

During the ongoing war in Ukraine, Kadir’s troops received the nickname “Dictak Army”. Often found on social media, especially on TikTok, they will be proud of their successes.

“Tiktok troops”, Chechen leaders Ramzan Kadyrov, already fighting with empty buildings and cellars, are now boldly attacking the air “- reported in the independent Russian and Belarusian media such as Nastoyashchey Vreemia and Nasha Niva.

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Troops of Chechen militants are operating in Buczy, Hostomel, Irpień, near Kijew, where hundreds of bodies of civilians killed and tortured after the end of the Russian occupation have been found. According to the findings of Kadir’s investigators, they wanted to torture and kill civilians in the basement of Buxa.

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