War in Ukraine. General talks about worst case scenario. There was a caveat

The head of the US Armed Forces European Command spoke about the delayed deliveries. He reported in the Washington Post that the Russians had a significant advantage in weapons.

The balance of cannonballs is very high. For every Ukrainian missile, there will soon be 10 Russian missiles. Kyiv also has deficiencies in air defense.

War in Ukraine. A serious warning to Kiev

– The gravity of this moment cannot be overstated. The side that cannot return fire loses. The stakes are very high – Christopher Cavoli said.

He said that the fate of Ukraine rests in the hands of US MPs and senators, as the decision to provide financial resources depends on them. – Russia poses a long-term threat – he argued.

Americans are preparing for alternative support in the absence of congressional approval. Among other things on the table: a plan to extend loans to Ukraine.

A draft bill is also expected to be introduced that would authorize the president to seize Russian assets frozen in the US and transfer them to Kiev.

Source: “The Washington Post”, UNIAN

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