Today is the last day to take advantage of Samsung's “Buy 1 Get 1 TV Free” promotion

Who doesn't want free TV? If you've been eyeing Samsung's new anti-glare OLED display or one of the many models it announced at CES, Samsung And Amazon Both are still offering a free 65-inch TV when you pre-order select models from 2024. You'll have to act fast, though, as the ongoing buy-one-get-one promotion ends tomorrow, April 11.

Free TV sure is Entry level TU690T From 2022, it's a very basic 4K TV with a 60Hz panel and just two HDMI ports. But if you are already thinking about choosing the 2024 version of… Samsung OLED S95Dthat it Art frame tvthe New QLED 8Kor New QLED 4KHowever, the TU69OT can still work as a decent secondary TV for a spare bedroom or garage. It lacks modern features like local dimming and variable refresh rate technology, but it supports Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, along with all the major streaming apps. They are also usually sold retail For about $480And you, too could Try to sell it to recoup some of the pre-order cost.

As for Samsung's 2024 lineup, the glare-free QD-OLED S95D TV is the most popular (and brightest), but each TV has its own advantages. The new Neo QLED 8K uses an 8K panel with a 240Hz refresh rate and starts at $4,999.99While the price of the Neo QLED 4K starts at $1,499.99 It features a 144Hz refresh rate like the QD-OLED S95D. Meanwhile, the 4K frame starts at $999.99 It continues to remain in a class of its own, with a matte anti-glare finish and a 120Hz display that displays artwork at idle.

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The TU690T certainly won't compete with Samsung's more premium models, but for free.

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