War in Israel. A British Family Tragedy. The body of a 16-year-old girl was found

BBC reported the sad news from the boy’s family. In an interview given to the website, his relatives said: The woman has been officially identified.

Noya, a teenager, was killed in a Hamas attack in early October. He was staying with his daughter then Yahel’s 13-year-old sister and Leanne’s mother In one of the kibbutzim in southern Israel.

– Noya is smart, sensitive, funny and full of life. She had a radiant smile and took every opportunity to help those less fortunate than herself, loved ones said. In the statement, they added that she was a “wonderful granddaughter, cousin and niece.” – We are devastated that she is gone, but grateful that she is here – they insisted.

War in Israel. A British family has confirmed the death of a 16-year-old girl

The death of the youngest girl, 13-year-old Yahel, confirmed last week. Saying goodbye to their cousin, the family noted that he was full of energy and loved cycling, singing, dancing and football.

We know from the text that it is also certain The death of the girls’ 48-year-old motherFirst came to Israel at age 19 to work on a kibbutz Volunteer. Later she settled permanently in this country. Relatives from Britain said the family visits at least once a year.

The tragedy of a British family in Israel. Mother and daughters died, father disappeared

As it was also emphasized, the woman was no stranger to security alarms due to the short distance between her kibbutz and the Gaza Strip, however, on October 7, her mother wrote to the British family that this time “That’s a completely different story“.

The 48-year-old and her daughters were previously thought to be missing. It is still like this Father of a teenager, which has yet to be discovered. It was impossible for him to stay KidnappedLike other Israelite relatives.

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