Vladimir Putin’s surprising words about Ukraine. “I don’t think so”

The 9th Cultural Forum is being held in St. Petersburg. The event will feature a speech by the President of Russia. Vladimir Putin He spoke about the relations between Russia and Ukraine and the changes in Ukrainian society. As he put it, “many educated, talented and talented people” in Russia did not think about this Strong resolution of conflict. Remember that It lasts for 633 days. Russian invasion of Ukraine.

– If they had told me before 2014 that this was possible, I would have said: Are you crazy? “But I agree that people don’t follow me, they don’t understand what’s going on, of course they have the right to have their own position, their own point of view,” Putin said.

According to the Russian leader, the “social mood and sense of identity among the residents of the disputed areas” played an important role at the root of the conflict.

— If the action is related to harming one’s own country, one’s own nation, we see a similar action taking place, the royalty is transferred somewhere, let’s say to the enemy, this is a story. If it is an opinion, a view, an assessment of the situation, it is a different story, the Russian leader added.

Ukrainian media drew attention to the contradiction in the speech of the Russian head of state. Commentators were also surprised by Putin’s words about love. — No matter what our lives are like, there are always eternal themes. One of them is love, said the Russian president.

Part of the recording of the speech was published online by Anton Zherashchenko, adviser to the head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. “Is he crazy?” – he asked.

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Source: X, 24tv.ua

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