Ukraine. Former CIA chief Gen. David Petraeus on war, Russian invasion of Ukraine: Winter could be tough for Russians

David Petraeus, a former CIA director and retired US general, said: “I don’t think Ukrainian troops will slow down their operational offensive with the arrival of winter.” In his opinion, the winter could turn out to be difficult for the Russians, due to difficulties in military supplies and the attitude of the inhabitants of the occupied territories. “The logistics of the Russians are very bad, the bridges are destroyed, as are the railways,” he added.

General David Petraeus, in his speech during a session of the Kiev Security Forum, insisted that “Ukrainians are on their soil”, “know what they are fighting for” and that even if they need rest during the fighting, they can “return to themselves”. Own people”. Therefore, “winter will be different for Ukrainians and Russians”, he added. The former head of US intelligence CIA He expressed hope that the Ukrainian army would launch effective offensives and liberate its territories.

Accumulated Russian reservesPAP / Abaka

A Ukrainian soldier fires a captured Russian cannon (07/10/2022)PAP / EPA / Sergey Kozlov

General Petraeus: In the past, we took Putin’s feelings into account, now we don’t pay attention to that.

– I do not think that the Ukrainian army will slow down the operational offensive with the arrival of winter. The logistics of the Russians are very bad, bridges are damaged, railways etc (…). Petraeus said Russian logistics were being pushed back 70 kilometers from the front. He asserted that the people “hate” the occupiers and “people are resisting all barbaric filtering practices”.

The General was convinced that safety was guaranteed Ukraine It should be the way of this country For this. – In the past, we took Putin’s feelings into account, and it did not lead to any good. Petraeus said, “Let’s ignore that now.”

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Former CIA Director General David Petraeus PAP / Radek Pietruszka

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / Sergey Kozlov

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