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Health reports Vladimir Putin Often appears after the Russian dictator declares war on Ukraine. Since February 2022, more information has been published that points to progressive cancer or Parkinson’s disease. The speculation resurfaced after Putin’s New Year’s speech.

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“Putin Bets Everything on One Card. He Gives Generals One Last Chance”

Russia. grumbled Vladimir Putin in his New Year’s address. “Three Times in Seven Seconds”

For the new year Vladimir Putin delivered a message in which he said that 2022 will be exciting and full of “luxurious events”. However, the focus of social media users was not on the content of the campaign speech, but on the president’s behavior Russia. Experts did not miss the frequent coughing of the politician.

Putin delivered a New Year’s speech. Standing next to her, the blonde snaps at attention

“Irritation, cough Putin Complaining about sanctions in his depressing New Year’s address to the Russian people,” wrote Julia Davies of Russia Media Monitor. BBC reporter Frances Scar added wryly: “In seven seconds, the Russian leader pulls three coughs.”

An anonymous doctor wrote in comments under Scarra’s post that Putin’s neurological problem was clearly “profound” and that the coughing or grunting could be the result of uncontrolled muscle contractions. According to him, this is the reason why Putin’s hands are outside the law – the Kremlin propaganda wants to hide the hands of the Russian dictator, disfigured by many captures.

Other users point to the strange “bump” on Vladimir Putin’s back, which can be seen in one of the photos taken during his New Year’s speech. According to Spudin, The Kremlin Rumors about it should be denied Putin He was wearing a bulletproof vest that day. The line on the back visible in the photo should be created by the corset.

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“For a 70-year-old, there is nothing special about wearing a corset. I don’t think there are many men in Russia (and not only in Russia) who lived to the age of 70 without sciatica or osteoporosis. Navalny is only 45. Already having serious problems, at 70, Navalny wears a corset under his coat. I have no doubt,” wrote campaign journalist Irek Murtasin.

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