Viktor Orban in Kiev. He made an offer to Zelensky

“Ukraińska Pravda” reports that Viktor Orban “promoted the idea of ​​an immediate ceasefire” during talks with Volodymyr Zelensky. The Hungarian prime minister did not insist, but Ukrainian media insisted the plan was compatible with Russia’s peace ideals.

On Tuesday Victor Orban He made a surprise visit to Kiev and met with the President of Ukraine. During a joint press conference, he talked about an immediate ceasefire, which Kiev was unwilling to agree to because it would mean the Russians would retain their territorial gains.

The Hungarian Prime Minister insisted that he was not against Ukrainian proposals for peace plans, but – in his opinion – It takes a long time to execute.

– I told President Zelensky that his efforts require a lot of time. The rules of international diplomacy make them more complicated. I asked President Zelensky to call for a ceasefire instead Peace talks. A ceasefire could speed up negotiations, Orban hopes.

Proposed by Viktor Orban. The media was outraged

The position of the Hungarian Prime Minister caused outrage in the Ukrainian media. “Ukraińska Pravda” writes about a project “beneficial for the Russian Federation.” “I don’t want to Go to Moscow Can we propose a ceasefire there?” asks the Union agency.

WATCH: Viktor Orban makes surprise visit to Kiev He met V. Zelensky

“Even if we take this clown seriously, we must remember that the Kremlin has already said it does not want to stop hostilities. Imaginary negotiations“- we read further in the telegram published on the Union Agency’s social media.

Orban and Zelensky are expected to reach an agreement

However, Orban added that he understands Ukrainian arguments and is not rigid in his position. He thanked Zelensky for his “honest opinion.” He emphasized that Hungary is ready to take action for this “Restoring real, long-term security”.

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Orban and Zelensky agreed to work Agreement on Bilateral RelationsIt was intended to defuse problems between Budapest and Kiev.

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