If China asks, Russia will agree

– Now Russia is very dependent on China. A phone call from Chinese President Xi Jinping could resolve the crisis. In an interview with Bloomberg, Stubb said that if he said it was “time to start peace talks,” Russia would be forced to do so.

In his view, Beijing would benefit from the end of Vladimir Putin’s “war of aggression and colonization” in Ukraine, thus demonstrating China’s leadership to the world.

Stubb criticizes Orban for putting pressure on Ukraine. “There is no room for talk of a ceasefire”

Finland’s president criticized Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, who visited Kiev on Tuesday, and asked Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky to open talks with Moscow and reach a ceasefire. Igor Sovkva, the deputy head of the Chancellery of the President of Ukraine, said that Kiev observed Orban’s proposal, but did not consider the plan realistic.

– There is no problem with insisting on a ceasefire at this time, we need real peace talks. The only thing Russia understands is power. So, Stubb argued, the more aid we give to Ukraine now, the sooner we can end the war.

Finland’s president calls on Europe to transition to a war economy

He called on Europe to increase military support for Kiev, build up its own defense capabilities and counter Russia’s “hybrid” attacks. As he explained, Ukraine needs financial aid and political support, including strengthening its aspirations for membership in the European Union and NATO.

The Finnish president added that Europe needs to transition to a “war economy”, adding that munitions and arms orders have been combined to give its industry a long-term perspective. He called on the European Investment Bank to go beyond “red lines” and finance the defense sector.

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