US aid to Ukraine blocked. This is about $ 40 billion

Proceed to the next set Assistance to Ukraine Passed by the House of Representatives under expedited procedure. Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer and his Republican nominee, Mitch McConnell, have called for a vote of no confidence in Congress. Reuters writes that such approval from both sides is very rare.

The Senate’s passage of the bill was blocked by Rand on Thursday Paul opposes the proposed costs. Paul is considered a “financial hawk” and calls for an urgent review of aid spending in Ukraine, the company said.

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$ 40 billion in aid to Ukraine blocked

– This is the second aid package for Ukraine in two months. But this is three times more than the first size. Congress just wants to spend and spend, Paul said. The senator is demanding a change in the rules governing spending in Ukraine.

The Senate approval process has been postponed until next week. “The bailout package is ready with the support of a majority of senators on both sides,” Schumer stressed. “If Senator Paul insists on his irresponsible demands, he will only succeed by delaying the delivery of much-needed aid to Ukraine,” he added.

US aid to Ukraine

New Support package for Ukraine Includes $ 6 billion in security assistance, including training, equipment, weapons and support; $ 8.7 billion to replenish US equipment shipped to Ukraine and $ 3.9 billion for European command operations.

In addition, the law allows for a further allocation of $ 11 billion under the Presidential Trowdown Commission. This would allow the President to authorize the immediate replacement of goods and services without congressional approval The answer to the “unexpected crisis”.

The package also includes humanitarian aid – $ 5 billion for global food insecurity due to the conflict and nearly $ 9 billion for the economic support fund for Ukraine.



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