German Minister: The bitter news is that we still need Russian gas

German Economy Minister Robert Hebeck has agreed to a long-term energy partnership with the Emir of Qatar. Thanks to this, Germany is one step closer to becoming independent of gas supply from Russia. However, Hebeck told the ARD, “The bitter news is that we still need Russian gas.”

After the visit to Qatar, Economy Minister Robert Hebeck may report first progress: Politician agrees with Emir Qatar Tamim bin Hamad al-Thanim long Energy partnership. This brings the German government closer to its goal Independence from the supply of gas from Russia.

However, in an interview with ARD, Habeck said: “The bitter news is that we still need Russian gas” because the details of the cooperation with Qatar are not yet clear.

According to Habeb, some German companies have already held talks with Qatari companies, but they still need “political impetus, and today we have been able to achieve that,” the deputy chancellor said on the show “Priest in Berlin”.

No matter how many attempts are made, the central government still needs some time to become independent Russian gas, Because “the strategic mistakes of the last few decades cannot be undone within three weeks.”

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