The US ambassador cannot confirm the news of the deportation of Ukrainians to Russia

On Sunday, the US ambassador to the United Nations said she could not confirm a statement by the Mariupol city council indicating that Ukrainian citizens had been deported to Russia from Mariupol.

CNN host “State of the Union” Jake TaberJacob (Jake) Paul Taberbar: Trump ‘not my idea of ​​’balance/sustainability chief’ – Amazon rainforest turns into savannah: Study says former senior defense official Russia ‘extremely irresponsible’ in seizing nuclear plants More Requested Linda Thomas GreenfieldLinda Thomas Greenfield Sunday Show preview: Biden calls Putin a war criminal as conflict in Ukraine continues. If the United States was aware of the deportations, the city council said they involved 1,000 people, mostly women and children.

“Can you confirm? Does the United States know that this is happening? And if it did, how upsetting would it be?” Tupper asked Thomas Greenfield.

“I just heard that,” replied Thomas Greenfield. “I can’t confirm that.”

“But I can say it is annoying. It is inconceivable that Russia would force Ukrainian citizens into Russia and put them in what would essentially be concentration camps and prisoners,” Thomas Greenfield added. “So this is something we need to verify. Russia should not transfer Ukrainian citizens against their will to Russia.”

About chemical weapons, Thomas Greenfield told Taber Allied forces would “respond strongly” if Russian forces used such weapons against the Ukrainians, which the White House has warned could happen.

They used chemical weapons against their own people. And we are concerned that they may use chemical weapons in Ukraine.” said Thomas Greenfield.

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We have been clear. If they go up to that level, we’ll respond aggressively to what they’re doing. You have seen the consequences of our actions against and against Russia so far [Russian President Vladimir] put it in the . And they feel the consequences. And they would feel even more if they made this unfortunate decision to use chemical weapons.”

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