Unofficially: The US presented a peace plan to Ukraine and Russia. “Peace to land, land to peace” | World news

Journalists from a Swiss newspaper were about to conduct a secret interview with two influential foreign policy experts German – One from the ruling coalition and the other from the opposition, they must report independently that they have been ordered by the President. America Joe Biden’s boss CIA Checked mid-January Russia and Ukraine are ready to negotiate.

US tanks for Ukraine. “Scholes made it his own success”

War in Ukraine. Neither side wants to negotiate. Ukraine will not give up land and Russia is sure to win

“Offer to Kiev: land for peace, and offer to Moscow: land for peace. ‘Land’ is said to be about 20 percent of Ukraine’s territory. It’s the size of the Donbass. Both sides, according to politicians. , have refused. Since Ukrainians are not ready to part with their territory, the Russians will do so in the long run anyway. Because they think they will win the war.Neue Zürcher Zeitung“.

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The Swiss newspaper assessed that the reports of the two experts provided an indirect view of the views of the White House. According to two German foreign policy experts, Biden wanted to avoid something lasting War in Ukraine and was willing to give up a part of the country. If this account is correct, Biden is not alone in his position Washington” – we read.

The magazine points to a recent study by the US think tank Rand Corporation that “avoiding a protracted war”It said “avoiding a protracted war is a higher priority for the United States than controlling all of Ukraine.”

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Russian Army (Image Image)Ukraine’s defense minister: Russia is preparing for a major attack He gave the date

Split in the US government over Ukraine? There is the question of China

If all of this is true, these reports also point to a split in the US government over Ukraine. Journalists write that National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan and the boss CIA William Burns “wanted to end the war quickly so they could concentrate on China.” On the other hand, we read, Foreign Secretary Anthony Blinken and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said they did not want “Russia to get away with” violating the peace.

According to sources cited by the Swiss newspaper, after Burns’ undercover diplomatic mission in Ukraine and Russia failed, President America Joe Biden Bowing to pressure from German Chancellor Olaf Scholes, Abrams decided to approve the delivery of the tanks.

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