Collected from Siberia: “Somebody get us out of here.” Enough of Putin’s soldiers, they are begging to be evacuated World news

Collected, published on 25 January telegram Video call to get off the line instantly BeforeWhere they should not go. Soldiers They demand punishment for commanders who lied to them when they were hired. They also complain about the degrading conditions they have to endure.

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A video recording collected from Siberia. They are begging to be vacated

The video, published in Telegram “Ostorozno, novosti”, was recorded by soldiers of the 1439th regiment. In the recording, the assembled people claim that their service was not intended to be this way, and that the command deliberately lied to them. According to the men, they were committed to service Security Territorial, and still without training and proper equipment, they were sent straight to the front line and included in the attack group. – From December 31, 2022, we are leading without training and support. There are also losses. As of January 24, 19 people were injured and 2 people were killed. And in two days, he said Register One of the mobilized.

Putin’s troops have had enough. They talk about scandalous conditions

However, these are not the only allegations in the published news Social media Register. Army commanders are accused of fending for themselves – we don’t get salary, food, water, anything. Medical products Men complain that they have to provide at their own expense. Additionally, the conditions they live in are completely unsanitary, and so are the equipment they receive Underwear Class IV bulletproof and B2 helmets are inadequate.

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Soldiers They appeal Those responsible for sending untrained, mobilized troops to the front line “before dire consequences occur” must be immediately expelled and punished.

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Sienkiewicz: There are no winners in the war in Ukraine

Russia is preparing for an uprising

Secretary, National Defense and Security Council (NSDC). Ukraine Oleksiy Danilov in the article “Strategy”. Putin 2023 for “Ukrainian Pravda” announced Russia A breakthrough in the war with Ukraine begins preparations for an uprising. As evidence of this, personnel changes in the Russian command not only began, but also increased Mobilization of the Army.

According to the portal The so-called Military Commission of the Bryansk region began to distribute summonses to the army. in advance. One of the inhabitants of Bryansk received a summons to appear police station Military. The document was posted on social media and the media is interested in the case.

According to the service, “Journalists at the military commission were told that a summons would be sent to the military if there was an announcement. Martial law. ‘Nothing can be ruled out now. Before this, the Military Commissioner had undertaken this work,’ it was said. I do not know what is meant by ‘war time’, because when I asked about it, a police station employee said that he could not talk like that. Things by phone.

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