Ukraine-Russia. The war will become more unpredictable

US intelligence – quoted by the BBC – believes that War in Ukraine Probably will happen “Still unpredictable and increasing” In the coming months.

Fierce fighting continues in the East. Russian troops They are focused on getting Donbass After Ukraine successfully resisted attempts to capture Kiev.

Avril HaynesThe U.S. Director of National Intelligence said during a U.S. Senate panel hearing that Putin wanted to “achieve goals outside the Donbass” and “probably” believed it. US and EU support for Ukraine weakens as inflation, food shortages and deepening energy prices.

There is also the possibility of reaching out to the Russian president “Most drastic measures” The war continued. Although Use of nuclear weapons That will only happen if Putin sees a “threat to existence” for Russia.

As Scott Periyar, director of the Security Intelligence Service, noted during the same investigation quoted by Reuters: “The Russians did not win or the Ukrainians did not win. We are in a quandary.”.

The BBC also reminds you of the words of the President Volodymyr ZhelenskyWho said that due to the conquests of Ukraine, the Russian forces are gradually withdrawing from there Kharkiv The bomb had been dropped since the beginning of the war.

However, he said the Ukrainians should not “create” A situation of excessive moral stressSuccess is expected every week, even every day. “

According to the Ukrainian Armed Forces, four settlements in the northeastern part of Kharkiv were to be recaptured in the last battles.

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