Only 8% of office workers in Manhattan have returned full time

The best full-time laid plans Back to the office Covid-19 case rates remain at a stalemate, and the workforce is reluctant to return to their commute, according to data published this week. Partnership for New York CityBusiness Advocacy Group.

Only 8 percent of office workers in Manhattan return to their desks five days a week, and 28 percent remain completely remote, according to a new survey of the group of more than 160 major employers in New York. On average weekdays, 38 percent of office workers in Manhattan work in the office, a number that employers expect to rise to 49 percent by September. in the group January In the survey, many employers said they believe daily attendance will exceed 50 percent by April.

The most significant finding in the new survey, according to partnership president Catherine Wild, is that 78 percent of workplaces have adopted a hybrid model, allowing for a mix of remote work and in-person work. That’s a jump from 6 percent before the pandemic.

“It’s a complete turnaround,” said Mrs. Wilde. “Employers kicking and screaming have arrived at this position. They are not happy. They think being in the office is the way people learn.”

Many companies realize that their push to bring workers back to the office counteracts anxiety in the summer: 30 percent of those surveyed offer additional flexibility for the coming months, such as Fridays in summer or the option to work completely remotely in August. Then there are those who try to make the office more attractive. Nearly two-thirds are offering workers incentives to return to the office, including 43 percent offering free or reduced-price meals.

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