Ukraine. Great Britain provided anti-tank safety systems

– In the light Russia’s increasingly threatening behavior In addition to our current support, the UK provides A new security assistance package In order to increase the security capabilities of Ukraine. We have decided to provide Ukraine with light, anti-tank and defensive weapons systems. In addition A small number of UK employees will provide ORBITAL initial training for short periodsWallace then told the House of Commons to return to Britain.

He did not specify the number or type of weapons to be sent, but said so The first settings were delivered on Monday He also noted that they are defensive.

– I clarify: this support is about short-range and clearly defensive weapons; It is not a strategic weapon and is not a threat to Russia. It was used for self-defense, and he stressed that British personnel conducting the initial phase of training would return to the UK after they had completed their training.

He added England Within Ukraine’s internationally recognized borders, that is, with occupied Crimea, it unconditionally supports Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, and freely recognizes the right of states to choose their allies.

Said Wallace Great Britain is open to bilateral talks with Russia So he sent an invitation to his Russian ally Sergei ShoikuWill be visiting London in the coming weeks. – We are ready to discuss issues related to mutual security concerns and engage in constructive and goodwill discussions – he promised.

However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Russia’s ambitions. This should take into account the very serious consequences. – The current bay is large but insurmountable. I still believe that diplomacy will prevail. The choice is up President Vladimir Putin; Wallace said it would choose diplomacy and dialogue or conflict and its consequences.

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