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“Forces Russian They are focusing on the eastern, northwestern and western suburbs of Kiev to attack the capital within 24-96 hours. The Russians are importing materials and reinforcements, as well as launching artillery, air and missile attacks to weaken security and threaten security forces, “said researchers from the War Research Institute. Washington. In an interview Virtual Poland These reports were commented on by a senior GROM, who has served in Bosnia, Kosovo and the military IraqColonel Andrzej Krusinski.

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War in Ukraine. Morning Interview (09.03)

War in Ukraine. According to analysts, Russia will bring a storm to Kiev

– At this time the Russians could not capture Kiev, they had amassed very little infantry, and the cities had to be captured by the infantry. Kiev is a vast area for such a project to succeed – said a GROM senior.

Andrzej Kruczyński added that the Russians could try to enter the city with the armored column, causing great damage, but they must calculate the decisive response. UkrainiansThose parked in every corner of the city. – I think the Ukrainian guards are already very experienced, it will eventually fail and even become a suicide mission for the Russians – he agreed.

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Ukraine. The Russians tried to enter Mariupol through the humanitarian corridor

“The regular Russian army is now a picture of poverty and despair”

US company data has been confirmed by civil servants of the Ukrainian military. On March 6, the Russians began to gather the necessary military resources near the capital, according to staff reports, which included a battalion of Russian guards. Kadyrov, 27th Special Operations Division “Guspas”, 604th Special Operations Center “Vidyas” and Wagner Group mercenaries. According to some reports, the rocket launchers will be located 20 kilometers from Kiev, which will allow firing in the eastern part of the city. However, the GROM senior notes that the position of the Russian military is not sufficient to plan such a powerful operation.

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– Regular Russian Army This is a picture of sadness and despair at the moment, which makes me very happy. The materials are bad. Higher losses. As we learn from the recordings of conversations with prisoners, their morale is not. Such players are not capable of hitting targets with full commitment – said Colonel Krusinski.

– Even if Kiev could be circled, it would take weeks to try to catch up with the siege, hunger and mass fire of the city. Such a move violates the capabilities of the Russian military we see there. They can’t provide fuel or ammunition and it doesn’t work for them – he adds.

Armored train in a film shot in Melitopol, southern UkraineWar in Ukraine. A Russian armored train passed through Melidopol


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