Ukraine. CIA chief visits. It was kept secret

CIA Director William J. Burns visited Ukraine

The US intelligence chief made a secret visit to Ukraine on Thursday. The goal, at least according to US officials, is to reassure Ukrainian officials. Kiev fears the US will abandon Ukraine.

The case was detailed in a detailed report by the New York Times. The article is mainly about intelligence relations between Ukraine and the United States, but also includes information about the last secret visit of the head of the CIA. William J. Burns In Ukraine.

As the newspaper points out, since the beginning of the Russian invasion, the head of the US intelligence agency has visited Ukraine 10 times. On Thursday, February 22.

Concerns of Ukrainians

Burns was scheduled to meet with Ukrainian intelligence chiefs. According to the “NYT”, the United States and Ukraine cooperate on several levels, including: 12 have been decommissionedask the Russians. Cooperation requires financial costs. “If Republicans in Congress stop funding Kiev's military, CIA funding should be cut” – writes “NYT”.

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Ukrainians fear their country could lose US financial support. American journalists contacted a “CIA official” who briefly commented on Burns' visit to Ukraine.

“We have demonstrated a clear commitment to Ukraine over the years, and this visit is another strong signal of that. US involvement will continue” – emphasizes the anonymous source.

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