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The Bears entered Week 3 with an 0-2 record and were hoping to shake it off with an upset win over the Chiefs, but as it turns out they were (in) trouble when they entered (into Arrowhead Stadium). Problem problem problem. The Chiefs were smelling the Bears like a bounty hunter on their way to a 41-10 win. Cairo Santos’ fourth-quarter field goal and DJ Moore’s touchdown catch saved the Bears from leaving an empty space on the scoreboard, but had no impact on the outcome of the game. This game is sure to give the Bears a bad reputation around the league, and when every player looks in the mirror, they’ll have to say, “Hey, it’s me. I’m the problem, it’s me.”


Taylor Swift and Donna Kelsey

Thank goodness for those people cut out of the presidents’ family and friends fund. The glimpses of Travis Kelce’s mother and his new friend were welcome breaks from the Bears’ football on Sunday. Kelsey and Swift were the love story we needed.

People are making Taylor Swift puns on social media

Again, this was probably more fun for Bears fans than watching a football game. You inspired this column too, thank you.


Chicago Bears

Obviously, numerous injuries to the Bears offensive line and in the secondary put the team behind the eight ball against the Kansas City Chiefs. However, almost nothing the Bears did on Sunday worked. There are bad losses. There are embarrassing losses. There are explosion losses. There are losses that make you wonder what is happening at every level. This loss fits into all of the above, and it’s a feeling Bears fans remember well.

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