Media: Greens in Germany want to switch off nuclear power despite expert studies

Controversy arose around the title due to reports in the German magazine “Cicero”. In March 2022, after Russia's invasion of Ukraine, the Ministry of Economy and Environment ignored the opinions of experts, which indicated that it was reasonable to temporarily extend the operation of the last operating nuclear power plants in the country – journalists of the magazine say, citing inside information. Received through documents from two ministries.

According to “Cicero”, Habek's position contradicted the opinions of experts, who said that nuclear power would help reduce gas consumption and avoid an energy crisis.

Both ministries deny the newspaper reports.

Continuation of the material below the video

On Friday, during special meetings of the Bundestag's environment and economy committee, Haebeck and Lemke supported the decision to phase Germany out of nuclear power according to the timetable set before the Russian invasion.

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