Tim Burton Calls Dumbo 2019 His Last Disney Movie (Maybe)

Dumbo in the 2019 live Disney remake.

picture: Disney

You may remember that a few years ago, Disney released a remake of the 1941 animated movie Dumbo. Directed by Tim Burton Beetlejuice Fame (or Any number of movies, really), the new release wasn’t particularly good receptionEven by Disney standards Different Remake Over the decade and change.

Disney and Burton have been long-time collaborators for decades – outside nightmare, his edition to Alice in Wonderland It arguably helped kick-start the Disney remake mania after it grossed over $1 billion and won two Academy Awards. Even so, despite the live action Dumbo which may have ended that relationship in the end. At the Lumière Festival in Lyon, where he was awarded the Prix Lumière for his contribution to the film industry over decades, Burton said fairly clearly that he thinks he’s done with Disney after the remake. “I realized that I was Dumbo, that I was working in this big, terrible circus and that I needed to escape,” he said. “This movie is autobiographical on a certain level.”

And in case you were wondering if the guy would change his tune for a chance to direct the MCU or star Wars A movie (what, from any of the franchises, can be directed by Tim Burton, of all people?), that’s hard no. He described the Disney franchise’s overall focus as “too homogeneous and too uniform. There’s less room for different kinds of things.” “I can handle just one universe, I can’t handle a multiverse.”

He may be done with Disney, but Burton isn’t that hard on the job. In a few weeks, his Adams family series Wednesday It will premiere on Netflix and will be the first television series he has been in for over 20 years. He may still have an active relationship with fellow longtime collaborator Warner Bros. Or he can turn his eye to another company like Blumhouse for future projects.


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