THPS 1+2 is getting an offline mode, but only on the Steam Deck

Good news for skater punks: a recently released Steam version of Tony Hawk Professional Skater 1+2 It can now be played offline. But in weird and downright weird news: This offline mode is just for Steam surface Users.

It was first released in 2020, Tony Hawk Professional Skater 1+2 It is a very good remake of the first two games in the famous skateboarding series. It was initially released on consoles and PC via the Epic Games Store. And for three years, the only way for PC gamers to purchase and enjoy TBS 1+2 It was through the Epic storefront. Last month, that changed, when Activision finally remembered to bring the game to Steam. It is unfortunate that this version of TBS 1+2 Still comes burdened with Internet requirements always On PC, just like the Epic Games Store version. As you can imagine, this frustrated many players. However, a new update has added offline support, but in a somewhat confusing and unprecedented move, this feature is now only available on Steam Deck, Valve’s hugely popular laptop.

On October 18, a few weeks after it finally moved to Steam, Tony Hawk Professional Skater 1+2 Received a small 1.1 patch. There were only two notes in the update’s small changelog: the keyboard overlay bug that occurred on Steam Deck was fixed, and an offline mode was added to the same platform.

Fans are still trying to get around the strange requirements

Of course, fans assumed they could trick the game and Steam into thinking they were playing TBS 1+2 on Steam Deck even when playing on desktop or laptop, thus enjoying offline play without using a Valve mobile device. But until now, people are struggling to find an alternative solution.

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PlayStation / Activision

On reddit, Users are sharing different ideas for console commands that might cheat the game, but nothing seems to be working so far. This means, at least for now, that the only way to play the game offline is on the Steam Deck. Even if (or most likely when) Players and modders are figuring out how to properly trick the game and Steam into allowing them to play offline on desktop, it’s strange that any of this is happening at all.

Kotaku I contacted Activision about Steam Deck requirements for offline mode.

I’ve never seen a publisher do something like this on Steam Deck before. Not many games support laptop, and many have been updated to add graphical options or tweaks designed to make the game run better on it. But I’ve never seen a game completely obscure features or options when played on desktop. until Slot office functionValve’s Steam Deck minigame that aims to showcase the mobile device’s features, can be played entirely on desktop.

However, not so with TBS 1+2, which appears to be holding the much-requested offline mode hostage and only allowing Steam Deck users to enjoy it. Sure, it makes sense that Activision would want the game to be playable offline on the Steam Deck, because it makes it easier to play the game anywhere and that leads to more people buying it before road trips and the like. But completely locking this mode away from everyone else on Steam is pretty weird, and frankly pretty silly.

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