They were taking “wedding photos”. Ukrainians caught the “newlyweds”.

The Ukrainians arrested spies working for the Russian FSB in Odessa. Couples pretending to be “newlyweds” collected items Regarding the military infrastructure of Ukraine.

The 23-year-old and his 18-year-old partner are understood to have focused on, among other things: In determining the location of Ukrainian Maritime Guard posts. These troops protect the waters adjacent to the port city of Odessa.

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Ukraine. Detained by the SBU. The “newlyweds” face lengthy prison terms

How did a pair of spies work? FSB agents dressed up as newlyweds and pretended to be having a post-wedding photo session. In the background of their photographs, strategic objects in Odessa became visible.

The couple collected the photographs and sent them in the form of a spy report. The recipient of the data was the supervisor of the “newlyweds”. Served from the territory of the Russian Federation. The SBU established his identity.

However, these were not the only missions of spies in Odessa. The 23-year-old, among others, put up more than 100 campaign posters, opposing the general mobilization of Ukrainians. There was also a plan to set fire to a local power plant.

SBU officers secured the criminals’ phones. They found the photos mentioned above and a history of conversations with a Russian FSB officer. Also, the couple had a payment card (to use funds transferred from the Russians) and propaganda leaflets.

The 23-year-old and his 18-year-old partner are facing serious consequences for their vandalism. Couples in custody can be jailed for up to 8 years.

Security Service of Ukraine Continues to publish information on spies captured in Ukrainian cities. Recently, the following people were arrested: A gang that changed its appearance using a lot of wigs.

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