The worst of Joe Biden. “European leaders were surprised”

Leaders at the June G7 summit in Italy were “stunned at how old the president is compared to the last time they interacted with him a year ago, sometimes just months ago,” writes the Washington Post. to the point.

European leaders reportedly noticed that Joe Biden seemed “more tired, more fragile and less comprehensible,” often speaking very quietly and sometimes losing the thread, though he quickly returned to it. According to the newspaper, leaders were under the impression that while Biden could still serve in office, there were concerns about whether he would be able to do so for the next four years.

Several anonymous administration officials shared similar impressions with the newspaper and said the chaotic episodes had intensified significantly in recent months. Still, nearly everyone was surprised by Biden’s poor performance in the debate.

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Joe Biden’s terrible performance in the debate.

As the newspaper’s columnist David Ignatius wrote in a separate op-ed, Biden’s form and uncertainty about the future of his candidacy are creating serious concerns about next week’s NATO summit in Washington. As one senior official involved in the preparation of the event told Ignatius, the summit will be “a moment of fear and danger” and every European leader will be monitoring Biden’s position. His press conference during the summit was one of the White House’s ways to show that the president is still capable of working effectively.

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