The White Sox chose Johnny Koito

The White Sox announced on Monday that they chose the right-hand contract Johnny Quito From Triple-A Charlotte. Koito, from Sign a secondary periodic agreement With Sox last month, tonight’s match against the Royal Family will begin. player Danny Mendic He was selected for Charlotte in a similar move. Chicago’s 40-man roster is now out.

Cueto had a May 15 opt-out clause in his contract, so he could have become a free agent had the Sox not selected him for the major league roster. It’s not clear if Cueto officially launched the clause yesterday – teams usually have 48 hours to add a player to the roster once they practice this type of withdrawal – but with Lucas Giolito And Lance Lin Currently in IL, there was a natural opening up for him anyway. Cueto will earn a pro-rata $4.2 million salary now that he’s been selected into the majors.

With four starts in Triple-A Charlotte, the 36-year-old Koito posted an average earned run of 5.17, but the rest of his numbers were more encouraging. Former runner-up Cy Young cheered 27% of his opponents against a very strong walking average of 6.3% – complementing his strong K/BB numbers with a 57.1% globe-trotting average. It’s a small sampler against less competition, of course, but Coito had an overall strong arm with the Giants last season as well. In 114 2/3 rounds with San Francisco, he made 4.08 afternoons with a 20% strike rate and 6.1% walking rate.

While it still looks like Cueto was a Applicable rotation back optionIts market has been slow to gather this winter. Several bands expressed interest after the shutdown – twins and tigers were reportedly among them. However, once opening day was at hand, the possibility of holding a major league eventually evaporated, as the parties involved realized that Koito would not be ready for the game, opening day comes after searching for a suitable bid throughout the spring training period.

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Cueto would still be able to earn approximately $3.32 million under the pro-rata terms of his White Sox deal, and he’ll be in the Majors with just 39 calendar days truncated. Depending on how he performs early on, there is likely a long-term opportunity for him. Both Dallas Kyuchel And Vince Velasquez He struggled to ERAs north of 5.50 through their first six starts, while being correct Jimmy Lambert He’s had his own struggles through a pair of starts so far. stop dylanAnd Michael Kubisch Once correct, Giolito and Lynn both look like locks for long-range spin spots, allowing for health – but the fifth spinning spot is a little less certain. Keuchel’s heavyweight contract may keep him in that spot for now, but if he continues to play at his current pace and Cueto is able to replicate last year’s solid form, it will be difficult for the Sox not to make a change.

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