Elden Ring loses nearly 90% of its concurrent players on Steam

Elden Ring captured the world when it was released, and despite being around 3 months old, the hype around it hasn’t slowed down. Elden Ring may have been removed from the game’s best-selling website on Steam but the community isn’t showing any signs of inactivity.

Speedruns, no-hit, and the like are almost a tradition that surrounds FromSoftware games, another tradition is for players to create custom builds in their games to overcome various challenging challenges or even increase the challenge for them.

The Elden ring is no exception. In fact, Elden Ring is what most fueled this tradition, and that’s what kept the game going strong despite its February launch.

Despite how good the game is, at the end of the day, there comes a time when it has to hang over its head. While Elden Ring is still going strong, having recently reached the milestone of selling more than 13 million copies of the game worldwide, it is starting to show signs of waning interest from players, which can be seen by: Game stats On the Steam storefront, according to SteamDB.

The number of concurrent players for Elden Ring on Steam has fallen nearly 90% in the less than three months since its launch, according to SteamDB.

As can be seen from the chart above, Elden Ring has seen a steady decline in the number of concurrent players since its release. Shortly after its release, it reached its all-time peak for concurrent players 952.523 on Steam.

However, it has seen a steady decline since then, as the current number of concurrent players, as of the time of writing, is 91.345.

The numbers above provide a much clearer breakdown for Elden Ring players. The game saw the largest number of concurrent players in March, which fell sharply 59.49% In April, then in May.

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Several factors may have contributed to each of these values. Elden Ring has seen quite a bit of hype since its announcement, attracting many new entrants to FromSoftware’s games, which contributed significantly to its all-time climax.

Since many have played the game, a large sum must have dropped the game as it is not to their taste or even being too difficult for them. Another fact is that many may have watched everything the game has to offer and simply stopped playing it.

elden ring
Elden Ring’s concurrent players on Steam continues to decline over time, according to SteamDB.

But this does not mean that the game is performing badly. The current number of concurrent players is very close to the all-time 24-hour peak 99327reinforcing the belief that the game still attracts the attention of a large number of players.

A large part of this is due to the insane amount of replayability and variety building potential that Elden Ring offers. With a large variety of bosses and enemies, many players have taken challenges upon themselves to overcome, for which they invent and use game mechanics to create all kinds of structures to overcome their challenges.

Regardless, the game is a masterpiece, probably the game of the year and the decline of the player base for such games seems quite normal.

The game also receives patches and fixes from time to time, bringing the community back to it to experience changes, and with the game’s future expansions in doubt, the number of concurrent players could increase exponentially if they release them. However, this is entirely up to FromSoftware and BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment.

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