The Vatican. Benedict XVI in the new photos – he is difficult to identify. “At the end of life I am a man” | News from around the world

Benedict XVI Recently Rev. Maurice Agpaw-participated in a meeting with eBay American St. John the Baptist Seminary in Boston. The cleric shared photos of the senior pontiff on social media. These are also the first photos in a long time that show what the former head looks like now Church Catholic.

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The Vatican. New photos of Benedict XVI. “I can say with St. Paul: I have kept my faith!”

“In short, I am a theological admirer of Ratzinger, and in retrospect I could write more than a million words about him and for him. Work A theologian. I sincerely prayed that I would meet him someday to thank him for his wisdom and will,” Fr Agbaw-Ebai wrote on the seminary’s website.

“Saying goodbye to Benedict XVI was very emotional and a finale I will never forget itemsHe told me when I kissed him! ‘I am a man at the end of his life who can be called St. Paul: “I keep my faith!” – wrote the priest, Benedict XVI also presented a letter to the members of the seminary. In a nearly four-page typescript, Ratzinger offered his reflections on the Second Vatican Council.

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Photos show age and illness taking their toll on Benedict XVI, who abdicated in 2013. Social media users have noted that the senior pope has lost a lot of weight As a result Charcot disease is characterized by progressive paralysis.

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The 94-year-old retired pope is a wheelchair user and a walker. At the beginning of 2022, the Chairman of the Board of the Joseph Ratzinger Foundation – Fr. Federico Lombardi – Benedict XVI admitted that he was only able to take certain measures. Pope The elder still resides in the former monastery “Mater Ecclesia” in Okrodi The Vatican.

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