The US was preparing for a Russian nuclear attack on Ukraine

U.S. officials say the Biden administration was particularly concerned about Russia's use of tactical or combat nuclear weapons by late 2022. CNN reports that belief about the risk of a nuclear attack “is influenced not by a single indicator, but by a combination of events, analysis and, most importantly, very important intelligence data.” As one of the station's correspondents put it, the concerns are “not just imaginary.”

“If this unthinkable event actually happens, everything must be planned to be in the best position,” he said.

Russia may nuke Ukraine

The US National Security Council will convene a series of meetings between the late summer and fall of 2022 to develop action plans in the event of clear indications that the Russians intend to strike with nuclear weapons, the station said.

Russia may consider a tactical nuclear strike as a way to prevent further losses in Ukraine's occupied territories, as well as a possible attack on its territory. At the same time, the publication recalled that the Russian propaganda machine spread false information about the “Ukrainian dirty bomb”, which, according to US officials, could be used as a pretext for a Russian nuclear attack.

Also, the journalists insist that Western special services received information about negotiations between Russian officials at that time, during which a nuclear attack was openly discussed.

At the same time, CNN writes that the United States has never received intelligence indicating that Russia is taking concrete steps to mobilize its nuclear forces to launch such an attack.

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