Aid to Ukraine from the United States. Michael McCall “Too Much Responsibility”

McCaul’s words echoed those of House Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy during his campaign. Republicans won’t “write a blank check” to Ukraine during a recession.

McCall He criticized the Democratic Party’s aid package for Ukraine. He said he sent some money while resupplying America’s arsenal. “Republicans will not govern like this,” he said.

Republicans are concerned, he said Transparency to the American people. It’s American taxpayer dollars. Does it reduce our willingness to help the Ukrainians in the fight? No, but we want to do it responsibly.

McCall said Committed to the maintenance and continuation of US support for Ukraine In the Republican-controlled House of Representatives. “I think the majority of the House of Representatives, on both sides of the aisle, support this initiative,” he said. He expressed support for providing long-range weapons and an air defense system to Ukraine so that Ukraine can protect its infrastructure.

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