The second major automaker says it will not advertise during the Super Bowl

Automaker Stellantis has decided to opt out of Super Bowl ads this year, the company confirmed on Friday.

“With a continued focus on maintaining business fundamentals to mitigate the impact of a challenging U.S. auto market, we are evaluating our business needs and will make appropriate decisions to protect our North American operations and the company,” a Stellantis spokesperson told The Hill. In the current situation.

“In light of this assessment, we will not participate in the big game this year,” they added.

The Jeep manufacturer is the second company to make this decision. General Motors (GM) said in November that it would not stop advertising during the big game, According to To Reuters.

port Also mentioned Stellantis — the parent company of Jeep, Chrysler and Ram — is known to use the Super Bowl for major ads, and in 2023, a 30-second ad during the game grossed nearly $7 million.

Their decision comes after both GM and Stellantis were targets of the recent United Auto Workers (UAW) strike, which lasted six weeks. The two companies ratified autoworkers' contracts in mid-November, agreeing to a 25% wage increase and cost-of-living adjustments.

GM estimated last year that the UAW strike cost it $1.1 billion, primarily due to lost production.

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