The second free update for Metroid Dread is now available, here are the full patch notes

Boss Rush mode has arrived!

Back in February, Nintendo and MercurySteam announced Metroid dread As for the Switch, it will get two new updates.

The first update which added “Dread” and “Rookie” modes was released on the same day of the announcement and now the second update has finally been released – an addition in the Boss Rush mode.

There are also a number of modes – including Survival Rush and Dread Rush. Last but not least, there are some general fixes. Here are the official patch notes, provided by the official Nintendo support page:

Version 2.1.0 (released April 7, 2022)

New modes have been added

Three different dash modes have been added to the game. Press the R button on the Samus Files screen to go to the Boss Rush selection screen.

Boss Rush
  • A mode in which players fight 12 continuous boss battles, aiming to have the best time.
  • Any damage received is carried over to the next battle. Weapons are fully restored between battles.
  • If Samus is defeated, players can choose to “Retry” to continue playing from the start of the battle they lost. However, there is a time penalty for defeat.
  • Boss that fought in the Boss Rush can be fought one-on-one at any time by selecting ‘Train’.
  • * Unlocked by scanning the main game once. (If the player completes the game before the update is released, he will be able to play Boss Rush immediately after the update).

Survival Rush
dread rush
  • The basic rules are the same as in the Boss Rush, but if Samus is hit by a boss, her energy drops to zero and she is defeated.
  • Bosses that have fought in Dread Rush can be fought one-on-one at any time by selecting ‘Practice’.
  • * Unlocked by clearing the main game using dread mode. (If a player completes Dread Mode before the update is released, they will be able to play Dread Rush immediately after the update.)

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general repairs
  • Fixed a bug where the Game Over screen would not display correctly when Samus takes damage and is instantly defeated after a central console is destroyed.

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