The Russian ship Admiral Grigorovich entered Portuguese waters. He is taken away

A Russian navy ship, the Admiral Grigorovich, has been in waters under the jurisdiction of Portuguese authorities since Thursday. According to the country’s military, the navy is tracking and escorting the Russian ship off the Iberian Peninsula. In turn, the Portuguese frigate will remain nearby until the unit belonging to the Black Sea Fleet departs.

We read it in a statement issued by the Portuguese Naval Command The Russian warship has been under surveillance by the frigate Corte-Real since November 2. On Thursday, a Navy ship Admiral Grigorovich Affected waters within Portugal’s exclusive economic zone.

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As reported by the Portuguese Army, The Corte-Real was to remain close to the Russian ship until the Russians decided to leave the waters under Portuguese jurisdiction.

The Navy will continue to monitor the movement of shipsRegular patrolling of maritime spaces to prevent activities detrimental to the country,” the statement said.

Russian battleship Admiral Grigorovich. Can fire caliber bullets

In early November Russian battleship Admiral Grigorovich towards the Mediterranean Sea. owned by the company Black Sea Fleet It is approximately 125 m long and 15.2 m wide. It is a multitasking unit, inter alia, for air defense or escorting other ships. It has a launcher from which it can be fired Caliber cruise missiles.

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In mid-October, the Portuguese Navy announced it Two ships of the Russian Navy appeared near Portuguese territorial waters In the Mediterranean Sea.

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As the “Publico” website reported at the time, citing representatives of the Military Academy in Lisbon, I oftenSeveral Russian units have previously “explored the Atlantic region, at the bottom of which there are networks for transmitting telecommunications data” connecting North America to Europe.

Sources: CNN, CM Jornal Portugal


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