“Ghost Fleet” avoids obstacles. Russia exports its oil ahead of the West

“Corriere della Sera” noted that in the past two years, immediately after the start of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, the grouping of warships began. Runs between the Syrian port of Tartus and Novorossiysk on the Black Sea. The movement of these units began to be observed by experts from the British think tank Royal United Services Institute, dealing with security and defense issues. They shared their results with an Italian newspaper.

They found a Russian ministry ship. “Sensitive cargo on board”

Dubbed the “Syrian Express,” the sea route was used to transport weapons and equipment left in Syria after Russia's intervention to a port on the Black Sea for use on the Ukrainian front. These are, as explained, artillery and armored vehicles.

Recently, the Russian ship Sparta IV was spotted in this route Officially a civilian unit, but actually owned by the Russian Ministry of Defense. The Sparta IV cruised through the Mediterranean Sea, including the Strait of Sicily in international waters, with a Russian frigate.

This is an indication of sensitive cargo on board“- it was mentioned. The ship passed through the Strait of Gibraltar, then went north and reached Königsberg. “If military assets for Ukraine were unloaded there, it means that these weapons flowed through the borders of the European Union,” wrote the Milanese newspaper.

“Ghost fleet” in the Mediterranean. It carries Russian oil

“This means that Russian ships — and there are at least four such as Sparta — They blazed a new trail“Very dangerous, it crosses our waters and runs into the Atlantic,” the Italian newspaper explained.

In addition to the “Syrian Express,” it notes that a “ghost fleet” flying the flags of Panama, Liberia and Gabon is active in the Mediterranean. These tankers They illegally export Russian oil It uses a system that is considered environmentally unsafe because cargo is transferred to other ships in the middle of the ocean.

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