The Russian Foreign Ministry has expelled ten Baltic ambassadors

According to the report, three Estonian, three Latvian and four Lithuanian ambassadors were expelled from Russia.

In a gesture of solidarity with Ukraine, the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry decided on March 18 to recognize Russia’s four representatives as non-personalities. On the same day, three ambassadors were expelled by Latvian and Estonian authorities, with similar motives behind their decision.

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Ambassadors of the Baltic states were invited by the Russian Foreign Ministry

At noon today, the Russian news agency TASS reported Ambassadors were invited from the Baltic countries By the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia.

“At noon, three Baltic ambassadors were summoned to the Foreign Ministry in connection with Russia’s mutual decision to expel their diplomats,” the statement quoted by TASS as saying.

45 Russian ambassadors were expelled from Poland. “They are involved in illegal activities”

Remember that Last week, Poland decided to significantly reduce the number of embassy staff at the Russian Federation embassy in Warsaw.. In all, 45 people of different diplomatic ranks left our territory.

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Foreign Ministry spokesman ukasz Jasina said the current state of Polish-Russian relations “did not justify the need to maintain such a large diplomatic staff in our country, Russian embassy staff”.

He noted that there were far fewer poles in positions in Russia than there were in Russia’s representatives in Poland.

Yasina added that the illegal activities of these diplomats could pose a threat to the people who fled their country to escape the war and found security in our country.

– The reason for this decision was that the staff of the Russian Mission carried out actions contrary to Polish law and violated the standards of the Vienna Convention, that is, actions contrary to the status of diplomats – Yasina stressed.

– Russia has been waging a barbaric war against Ukraine for more than three weeks, and we and other Western nations are considered by Russia to be the main enemy. Further tolerance of these types of illegal activities by Russian services would pose a common threat to Poland’s security, but we are also coordinating such actions with NATO and our allies in the European Union, a Foreign Ministry spokesman added.

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proof’s: PAP / Reuters / Twitter / Onet

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