This should be a trivial step. Brazilian beauty dies – o2

Gleycy Correia was beautiful, young and successful. In 2018, she became the Miss Brazil of the United Continent. Later, however, she turned her attention to cosmetics – her specialty was permanent makeup and tattoo removal.

Death after routine surgery

The beauty queen of Macau in southeastern Brazil died on June 20 at a private hospital.

Five days after she had an operation to remove her tonsils [od zabiegu – red.] He was bleeding at home, family pastor Lydian Alves told the Oliveira Telestar.

So the 27-year-old went to a private hospital. There, the girl suffered a heart attack and was pushed into a coma due to a sudden cardiac arrest.

She was in a coma for a few weeks and then died. His body was sent to the McKay Institute of Forensic Medicine for autopsy.

Pastor Jack Abrew, who knows Clica’s family, wrote on social media that his relatives believe he had a medical condition during the operation. He added: “God chose this day to gather our princess. We know we will miss her so much, but now she will light up the sky with a smile.”

According to The Sun, the beautiful woman came from a poor family and lived a very modest life before she became famous. Later, he used his social media including to share their story and encourage other young people to take action and fight for their dreams. When he fell into a coma, his Instagram account was seized by his family.

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