The Russian conspiracy in Moldova was controlled from Great Britain. Shocking findings

For a long time, the Moldovan government has been signaling that the Russians are plotting a coup in one of Europe’s poorest countries. A few weeks ago, President Maia Sandu announced that Russia would nominate election candidates in the Gagauzia region. The British newspaper The Times, citing a document prepared for the British Foreign Office, indicates that the Russian conspiracy in Moldova is controlled from Great Britain. Behind it is Gheorghe Cavcaliuc, the commander of the Moldovan police, who is linked to the Kremlin and a protégé of former pro-Russian President Igor Dodan.

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The Moldovan government confirmed the findings of a report published by The Times and demanded Gavkaliuk’s extradition. Gheorghe Cavcaliuc is a former police chief associated with the former, notoriously pro-Russian, president of Moldova, Igor Dodan. After the victory of the anti-corruption Maia Sandhu in the 2020 presidential election, Kavaliuk fled his country with amassed a large fortune.

The situation in Moldova is very worrying. On Monday, Russia’s representative on separatism Transnistria He called on the Kremlin to send thousands of Russian “peacekeepers” to Moldova, and in February Russian parliamentarian Sergei Mironov called for the war in Ukraine to be extended to Moldova.

Moldovan officials said they had received intelligence that the Kremlin was planning a coup and military operation to take control of the airport in Chisinau, the capital of Moldova. It is also reported that the Kremlin will present its candidates in Gagauzia regional elections.

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Russian conspiracy

According to Moldovan government spokesman Radu Marian, Cavcaliuc plays a key role in this Russian plot and his people, in cooperation with the Russians, organize anti-government demonstrations to undermine Sandu’s position.

In April, a group of Moldovan MPs visited the UK to try to extradite Gavkaliuk. The delegation was welcomed by Tobias Ellwood MP, chairman of the House of Commons defense committee, who said it was “surprising” the government had not yet made a decision on the matter.

“If we’re serious about our support for European democracy, we can’t limit ourselves to Ukraine,” Ellwood said. The Home Office said its traditional policy was “neither to confirm nor deny reports that it has received a consent request”.

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The people of Moldova do not want to join NATO

One of the most pressing issues facing Chisinau is Transnistria – A separatist region in the eastern part of Moldova, belonging to this country.

In fact, it is a Russian-backed self-declared state with its capital in Trosspol, which is recognized only by two other political entities, and almost none – in the Georgian territory of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Several thousand Russian troops are stationed in Transnistria.

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63.5 percent of Moldovan residents are against their country’s membership North Atlantic Alliance – according to the iDa Research Center published on Friday. The study also points to a wider circle of supporters of the Soviet Union, of which Moldova was a part.

However, despite the majority of citizens’ refusal to join NATO, experts say that since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the percentage of people who have a negative attitude towards Moldova’s membership in the alliance is decreasing.

iData Center reminded from 2021 to April this year. The percentage of citizens opposed to Moldova joining NATO dropped from 70% to 70%. up to 63.5 percent

A tense situation in Transnistria. Russian separatists appealed to Moscow

Self-proclaimed representatives of Russian-occupied Transnistria have asked Moscow to step up because of the “increasing level of intimidation”.

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USSR Encore?

At the same time, according to iData research, the percentage of those reluctant to reactivate the Soviet Union increased; From 2021, it has increased from 23 percent. Up to 32 percent However, there is still much support for the rebirth of the Soviet Union in Moldova. April this year supported the idea 61.6 percent were surveyed.

Paradoxically, as experts analyzing the study noted, 57.4 percent of poll participants support Moldova joining the EU. 35.1% oppose it, the same percentage as before the outbreak of war in Ukraine.

Moldova’s western aspirations are supported by the Polish government, And in April the European Parliament adopted a resolution Moldova’s membership would be a geostrategic investment in a united and strong Europe.

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The studies carried out by the Chisinau Research Center involved a group of 1,049 people.

Home to over 2.6 million people, Moldova, recognized as One of the poorest countries in EuropeIt became one of the main means of escape for Ukrainian citizens after the outbreak of war.

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