Battle for Azovstal. “The last 11 km2 of freedom in Mariupol turned into hell”

If there was a hell on earth, it would now be the hell of the last 11 square kilometers of freedom like Azovstal (…) Mariupol. – Andriushchenko said Thursday morning.

“Constant fire and attack”

There is constant fire and attack even at night with drone guidance. In some areas, fighting is already taking place behind the fences of factories He explained. Residents in areas close to the factory “should leave immediately without prior notice,” he said.

The Russians entered the territory of Azovstalin

Commander The Azov Regiment defends itself in Azovstal Denis Prokopenko confirmed that Russian troops had forcibly entered the factory premises on Wednesday evening. The second day passed when the opponent entered the betting area. Fierce and bloody fights continue He declared, insisting that Azov had security.

Azovstal is considered the last stronghold of the Ukrainian defense of Mariupol. The Azov Regiment of the Ukrainian National Guard and the 36th Independent Navy guard the plant area. Hundreds of civilians are there, including 30, according to Mariupol officials Children.

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