The remains of hunter Kevin Darmody have been found inside two crocodiles


May 3, 2023 | 2:18 p.m

The remains of a man who went missing while hunting with friends in Australian wetlands over the weekend have been found inside a pair of crocodiles, officials say.

Crocodiles kidnapped Kevin Darmody, 65, a hotelier from Queensland, Australia, on Saturday at Kennedy Bend, a saltwater river teeming with barramundi – and hungry crocodiles – in Lakefield National Park, ABC reported Far North.

Darmody was hunting with some friends around 3:30 p.m. when he disappeared.

After a two-day search of the area, wildlife officers on Monday shot two alligators spotted less than a mile from where Darmody was last seen alive.

Officials confirmed that when the reptiles were cut open at the scene, Darmody’s remains were found inside their stomachs.

Authorities said they believe the fisherman was abducted by one or both of the crocodiles when he approached the water’s edge to fetch bait.

The remains of Kevin Darmody, 65, were found inside two crocodiles in Queensland, Australia, on Monday.
Kevin Darmody/Facebook
Darmody was fishing in the Bend River on Saturday when he disappeared.
Queensland Police Service
Darmody’s last Facebook post (pictured) in 2015 was a series of photos of a crocodile petting what appears to be a smaller crocodile.
Kevin Darmody/Facebook

No one witnessed the attack, but someone nearby reported hearing loud screams and the sound of splashing water.

Darmody’s slipper is later found on the river bank.

Darmody, known to his friends as “Stumpy” because of his short stature, was the owner of the Peninsula Hotel in Laura, Queensland.

“He was a lovely guy. A friendly, talkative guy,” fellow fisherman Bart Harrison told ABC Far North.

Friends who were with Darmody did not witness the attack, but one reportedly heard screams followed by spray.
Queensland Police Service
Wildlife officials shot and killed two alligators less than a mile from where Darmody was last seen alive.
Queensland ABC News

The mayor of Cookshire, Peter Scott, described Darmody as “a bit of a character” and a “tough little nut” who loves to hunt.

Michael Joyce, director of wildlife operations for the Northern Department of Environment and Science, said it was rare to find multiple crocodiles devouring the remains of a single human victim, but it was unheard of.

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