The presence of Russian mercenaries associated with intelligence in Ukraine has increased

Reuters spokesmen said Concerns are growing that cyber attacks could be carried out on key components of Ukrainian infrastructure, including information warfare and electricity and gas networks, prior to the Russian occupation of Ukraine.. Russia can also use mercenaries to provoke Ukraine and paralyze the country, e.g. By carrying out attacks on specific individuals and by using special weapons.

– Russian mercenaries led by the Kremlin will be involved in all sorts of hostile operations in Ukraine, which could also be an excuse for an invasion – said an anonymous employee of the Western Security Services.

According to a Reuters correspondent, Mercenaries employed in Ukraine are employed in private military organizations with close ties to the Central Security Service (FSB) and the Central Intelligence Agency (GRU).. One of those who came to Ukraine in recent weeks was a former GRU officer who worked for the Wagner Group, a Russian military company. He traveled to Donetsk, one of two regions in eastern Ukraine that has been controlled by pro-Russian separatists since 2014.

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